Northbound Leadership Project

Allowing individuals to discover their full potential and continually strive for personal growth

About Us

About Northbound

Northbound Leadership, manifested by university students in 2010, is committed to the personal development and training of future leaders. Throughout the course of lecture seminars, team bonding events, student-led workshops, and community service, members will have the opportunity to discover themselves, their full potential, learn from each other, develop a wide network of accomplished connections, continue to carry a progress-driven attitude in all that they do, and be inspired to reach out into their own communities to create compelling leaders within them. 

Mission Statement

  • Self discovery - so that one may discover their full potential
  • Personal growth - so that one may continue to expand their limitations
  • Create leaders - so that one may become the start of positive social change
  • Serve the community - so that the community may begin to take initiative

Northbound Philosophy

Northbound, as a namesake for students embodying and teaching personal and leadership development principles, believes that anyone and everyone, regardless of life situation and circumstance, has the potential to discover these life principles by themselves.
  • Each individual carries a unique purpose, which must be discovered
  • Self leadership must be practiced before leading others
  • Influence of any magnitude is leadership (quality of leadership depends on intentions of leader and level of influence by the leader)
  • Unlock unlimited potential by maintaining a progress-driven attitude

History of the Name
Northbound is a play on the idiom ‘find true north’, which means ‘to get on the right course or proceed in the right direction. [] A metaphor example: “In life’s journey we are often uncertain where we stand, where we are going, and what is the right path for us personally. Knowing our true north would enable us to follow the right path.” []

                                Northbound Summer Conference 2013