Northbound Leadership Project

Allowing individuals to discover their full potential and continually strive for personal growth


Northbound's services are focused around its principles and values, beginning with personal development, continuing to leadership training, and finally giving back to the community through community service. Early services focus on personal development teaching members to control negative thoughts and cognitive distortions in order to unlock individual potential that had previously been hindered by self-defeating thought processes. Later, Northbound focuses on leadership training  enabling members to inspire and empower others to overcome obstacles, maintain a progress driven attitude, and achieve more than ever before. Finally, Northbound members organize and perform community service in order to utilize their leadership training, acquire insight about the challenges associated with organizing and performing a large-scale project, and give back to their community.  Therefore, Northbound services are structured to train and fortify self-mastery of individuals, teach individuals how to become successful leaders, and provide them the tools to give back to society.

Northbound Leadership offers a variety of services:

  • Northbound Online
  • Seminars
  • Team Building Events
  • Networking
  • Student-led Workshops
  • Community Service

Service Descriptions:
  • Northbound Online -  is a service by email which consists of Thought Exercises and motivational quotes. Thought Exercises is an empirically supported practicum that guides the students through a series of challenging through experiments that demonstrate Northbound values. Through the course, the students are encouraged to reflect upon, but most importantly, incorporate these exercises into their daily lives. 
  • Lecture seminars - usually hosted biannually, are unique for a specific student audience ranging from middle school students to university undergraduates, and are more comprehensive investigation of Northbound values. Lecturers and motivational speakers would teach, for example, effective strategies to improve in various life skills, such as time management or dealing with stress, present advice for personal and professional development, and share their testimonies to empower their listeners. 
  • Team bonding events - Team bonding events help to establish a sense of community and friendship between members, which bolsters intrinsic motivation. Members participate in stimulating games and interactive activities that simulate real-world conflicts and prepare participants to deal with a variety of obstacles they might experience in the future.
  • Networking - In addition, Northbound promotes the networking of future leaders and those who share the common interest of striving for personal and community growth. This is essential as individuals tend to be like the people they most associate with. 
  • Student-led workshops - Student-led workshops allow students to experience situational leadership and develop their public speaking skills. Workshops consist of group discussions where students discuss various topics in leadership and may share their testimonies with each other. 
  • Community service - Members of Northbound Leadership participate in community service - one that inspires the community to be the initiators of positive social change. Many members of Northbound have founded student-run organizations at their universities based on the philosophies of Northbound.


Personal and Leadership Development

Student Organization Consulting Group